Top 10 things to pack in your hospital bag

What To Pack In Hospital Bag

Every new mom that I’ve interacted with have told me to pack a hospital bag at least a month or two in advance before the due date, especially since the baby can arrive at any time. Therefore, it is best to prepare a bag or two for the trip to the hospital.  As a precaution, I packed three hospital bags. One for the house, and one for the car,  and as an extra precaution, one to keep at work as well. I researched different recommendations regarding packing a hospital bag or two. Here are my top 10 recommendations based on the general research, family and friends’ advice and personal experience:

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How to save time when cleaning your baby’s necessities using this effective method and routine

Cleaning bottles, nipples, spoons, bowls, and teething accessories on a daily basis can be quite a chore! However, it is worth the chore when it comes down to killing germs, bacteria, virus and anything yucky that may have been in contact with your baby’s everyday items. I have created a personal cleaning routine for myself to clean my baby’s everyday items.

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