Learning Baby Sign Language

Communication Development

Communication development is critical for a child from birth, and throughout their childhood. It is essential to be able to speak to your child for the child to learn language auditorily. Although auditory information is one of the most crucial parts of language development, the baby is only receiving information, but not able to express information that was collected. How is the baby able to communicate expressively, other than crying, or screaming?  I couldn’t think of any better way than to communicate with your baby other than using baby sign language. When my baby started vocalizing his wants and needs through tears and sometimes screams, some of the time I understood what my child is trying to express. However, I thought to myself, why not teach my baby sign language? Not only it will help develop his communication skills, but I can also get a better idea of what his needs are.

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How to save time when cleaning your baby’s necessities using this effective method and routine

Cleaning bottles, nipples, spoons, bowls, and teething accessories on a daily basis can be quite a chore! However, it is worth the chore when it comes down to killing germs, bacteria, virus and anything yucky that may have been in contact with your baby’s everyday items. I have created a personal cleaning routine for myself to clean my baby’s everyday items.

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