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Top 10 things to pack in your hospital bag

What To Pack In Hospital Bag

Every new mom that I’ve interacted with have told me to pack a hospital bag at least a month or two in advance before the due date, especially since the baby can arrive at any time. Therefore, it is best to prepare a bag or two for the trip to the hospital.  As a precaution, I packed three hospital bags. One for the house, and one for the car,  and as an extra precaution, one to keep at work as well. I researched different recommendations regarding packing a hospital bag or two. Here are my top 10 recommendations based on the general research, family and friends’ advice and personal experience:

Prepping to go to the hospital – Something to carry all your goodies

1. Trendy Duffel Bag

Get an overnight traveling (weekender) duffel bag. My favorite bag is the cotton material that allows me to cram more stuff in the bag. It had more compartments for me to store everything from big items like my bathrobe to small items like my bathroom toiletries. I also like to have a little more style to my bag. The style of the bag can be to your liking. If you prefer a style that reflects the gender of your baby or something more neutral, check out this neutral yet trendy duffle bag. I like the bag because it can be used and used again, and can be placed on top of your luggage, wrapped around the handle of the luggage, making it easier to travel in general. For more selections, check out our other duffel bags in our shop!

Cozy Clothing – Comfort from your own home for day and night

2. Cozy Bathrobe

If you’re in the hospital during labor, your doctor, nurse, or midwife would recommend that you would walk around the hallway to help with the labor process. I recommend bringing a bath or house robe with you. Wearing clothing that is familiar to you may help you feel comfortable throughout the process. It may help you feel calm and at home while waiting to bring your precious one into this world. I love my fluffy, warm house robe. It kept me comfortable while walking through the hallway. Mind you; I was only wearing my hospital gown, hospital socks, and my slippers (I will talk about that one next). It was a bit nippy in that hospital, so, I was glad I brought my fluffy light blue color house robe. If you think it could potentially be a bit warm in the hospital, definitely bring a light-weight house robe. Having a house robe would give you a sense of being at home and provide you with comfort as it did for me.

Roomy Footwear – While you’re on your feet and what to put on it

3. Slippers and Flipflops

I have two favorite kind of slippers: a pair of house slippers to use to walk around the hallway of the hospital, and flip-flops used for when taking a shower. My favorite house slippers allowed my feet to slip into them. My slippers were fluffy, yet, warm, and cozy for my poor swelled up feet.  I recommend wearing shower shoes or flip-flops to keep from getting fungus or bacteria on your feet while using the shower. I prefer simple shower shoes or flip-flops, making it easier to slip into, and has excellent friction so that you do not fall in the shower or tub.

Covering your Ankle and Toes – The much-needed socks

4. Inspirational or plush socks

Although the hospital will provide “hospital socks” for you, you are always welcome to bring your own! I packed two different pairs of socks for the hospital visit. I love the inspirational push socks that say “Baby You’re Worth It!”.  My husband gave me those socks as part of my push gift. Not only the socks were comfortable, but they were also super cute, fun, and sweet! These pair of socks motivated me to push and push so that I could meet my little prince.  These socks come in various colored letters or wording, suitable for my baby’s gender!  My second pair of socks which helped keep my feet warm is the shea butter infused slumber sleeper socks. I have to thank my older sister for those fantastic socks! The shea butter infused socks are super soft, silky, fluffy and super cozy! They feel like soft, gentle pillows on your feet.  I even wore them at home! After wash, these socks still keep my feet warm and soft. The inspirational or shea butter infused socks would make a great inexpensive gift for moms and mom-to-be.

Returning Home – What to pack for after your delivery

5. Welcome Home Outfit

On the day you’re ready to go home with your new baby, you’re going to want to wear a “welcome home” outfit. My welcome home outfit was somewhat casual and straightforward, as I am a simple kind of person who prefers to wear something super comfortable and cute. My “welcome home” outfit was a pair of gray sweatpants, my maternity blue with white polka dot blouse, a pair of black socks, and a pair of classic gray converse shoes. I recommend continuing to wear maternity clothes even after birth. Your belly will continue to have the pregnancy bump, but will eventually go flat depending on your diet and exercise. Nevertheless,  your stomach will still be sticking out, and you’re going to want to wear something more comfortable as you are heading home. I’ve also taken a liking to some of the other high-end fashionable maternity wear as well.  Check out the maternity brand line up in our shop.

Awaiting baby’s arrival – What to pack for your tiny one

6. Baby diapers and wipes

Now let’s talk about baby things that you will need to pack in your hospital bag. Pack some extra newborn diapers. I LOVE  Pampers Swaddlers diapers, as it gently hugs my baby’s bum. It is also soft to the touch, comfortable for my baby, and can hold a lot of pee and poo! You will find that you may need to have just enough newborn diapers to last for an estimated 2 to 12 weeks. After that, increase the diaper size based on your baby’s weight. You may also want to pack some traveling baby wipes. I love the Huggies Natural Care Sensitive baby wipes because it is gentle for my baby’s sensitive skin. The Huggies baby wipes are mild, and natural, meaning no harsh chemicals are in the wipes. I also recommend carrying wipes in a travel size since they are compact as well as portable. I still use these Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes to this day as they’re easy to grab for those crucial moments you need to clean your baby.

After the baby is born – Getting the right things ready for your little one

7. Baby Burp cloth

A must need baby item is a baby burp cloth. You can never have enough burp cloths. Newborn babies are taking on a little bit of milk (5 to 50 ml) at each feeding. Sometimes if you overfeed your baby, your baby might spit up. I love the Muslin Baby Burpies burp cloths. They’re soft and gentle for my baby’s skin. I can’t tell you how many times these burp clothes rescued me from having to add multiple garments to my laundry load. Instead, I just add these burp cloths. They do a great job of containing baby’s spew if appropriately handled or can act as a wiping towel for unexpected situations.

Hygiene – Right from the start, keeping him/her clean

8. Baby Head to Toe cleansing wipes

When it comes to keeping your baby clean on the go, it is always ideal to pack some baby cleansing wipes in your hospital bag just in case you want to wipe down your baby. Your baby will get a bath from the nurse, but it is always good to have a travel cleansing cloths just in case. I recommend Johnson’s Head to Toe Cleansing Cloths. The cleaning cloths are gentle to use, lightly scented, and very soft.  You might find yourself using these cleaning cloths the first two months, or in between baths. It comes in handy for those days and accidents that the baby would have!

Wrapping your baby – Your baby’s first moments in clothing

9. Baby Swaddling blankets

The hospital will provide a receiving blanket for your baby. But if you want additional swaddling blankets for your baby, I recommend the Cozy and Warm SwaddleMe Swaddling Wraps. I love the SwaddleMe swaddling wraps because it is so much easier to swaddle your baby. It’s pretty easy to use and not hard to figure out how far to fold them or try to guesstimate where to lay the baby on the blanket for optimal swaddling coverage. It took my husband a few seconds from putting the baby down to completely swaddling him. One would think he’s a professional and world’s fastest burrito wrapper! Jokes aside, my baby LOVES sleeping in this swaddle. Not only did it keep him warm and comfortable but it remained snug (not too tight). It also provided him a sense of comfort as if he was wrapped up in the womb. We were able to get more sleep at night because the swaddle didn’t slip off t and readjustments didn’t have to be made to make him comfortable again. He would go to sleep quickly every time we put him in a swaddle.

You baby’s trip home – What to dress him/her in

10. Welcome home newborn outfit

A must-pack necessity for a baby: going home outfit. Because, why not? Dress up your baby before the baby head home for the first time. It is recommended to dress your baby in light clothing, such as a long-sleeved newborn onesie with matching baby pants to wear. By law, your baby cannot wear a coat or extra layer of clothing when placed in a car seat. What you can do, is place a baby blanket on your baby after he or she is strapped and tucked safely in the car seat.

Wrapping it up- Review before the arrival of your precious one

Are you ready for the arrival of your new little precious one? It can be a lot on your mind, but you can get through it by preparing ahead of time before the arrival of your newborn. All in all, these are my top ten (and bonus) items that I recommend to pack in your duffel bag. Of course in conjunction with all those things, don’t forget to pack your ID, health insurance card, toiletries necessities, birth plan (an example of a birth plan), and things that may help you relax such as calming spa music. It is also nice to have someone give you a massage using chamomile oil and other stress reliever items. Also, have a baby’s car seat (that we’ve hand-picked ourselves and available in our shop) ready to go. If you have time, I recommend reading up on some parental books such as “What to Expect the First Year.” I hope this will help you prepare for your journey as a new parent! Enjoy this special Journey!!

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