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How to save time when cleaning your baby’s necessities using this effective method and routine

Cleaning bottles, nipples, spoons, bowls, and teething accessories on a daily basis can be quite a chore! However, it is worth the chore when it comes down to killing germs, bacteria, virus and anything yucky that may have been in contact with your baby’s everyday items. I have created a personal cleaning routine for myself to clean my baby’s everyday items.

It took me a while to figure out what I needed to do in order to clean and sanitize my baby’s accessories. Prior to utilizing baby’s cleaning necessities, I’ve been using a paper towel, and a good old-fashioned dishwashing soap, a cleaning brush, and I would boil a pot of hot water to kill off the germs. After that, I would use tongs to remove the items from the hot pot of water and place the items on a sheet of paper towel to dry. This whole process would take me about an hour! It was quite a task.

After doing this for a while, I’ve decided that it is time to make my life easier by working smarter, not harder. So, I’ve done some research on how to make it easier to clean my baby’s items without such a heavy chore. I looked for ways to easily clean baby’s items without having to use a hot pot of water and deep scrubbing.

In my research, I looked for the best and most sanitized way to clean and air dry baby’s items quickly and effectively. I came across a sponge-brush bottle cleaner, steam bags, non-fragranced dishwashing soap and a drying rack. Just those 4 things. Here’s a break down of those 4 things. To reduce and make your cleaning work easier, hire an maid from becht pride cleaning services, who are professionally trainned in cleaning and house keeping.

Bottle Cleaning Brushes

Let’s do a quick review on these items that I had come across and have used for cleaning. First, and foremost, it’s important that a tool that removes residue and grime from bottles, nipples, and other baby items.
The Munchkin sponge bottle brush makes it a whole lot easier to clean bottles, nipples and other baby items! There is a nipple cleaner adapter that can be removed from the cleaning brush itself. The sponge holds in the soap suds, so I am not using a whole lot of soap, and the nipple cleaner really does the trick!

There is another bottle cleaner that I have yet to try. It is very similar to the Munchkin’s product. The Dr. Brown Bottle Brush cleaner looks and works the same as the Munchkin’s bottle brush cleaner, except the bottom has a little suction on it, which can be used to stick to the countertop surfaces to ensure that it doesn’t fall to the ground or into your sink. It seemed convenient, but I didn’t have the need for it. The Dr. Brown Bottle Brush cleaner is available to those who like the “suction to the surface” idea.

Dishwashing Soap

Of course, another very important item to have is dishwashing soap. I used the Palmolive Ultra Pure and Clear dishwashing soap. The reason I am using that particular soap is to use something that is clean and free of fragrances and any irritants that could potentially harm my baby. This dishwashing soap makes it super easy to remove milk residue and sticky baby food from the bowls. It is also soft and gentle on my hands.

Steam Cleaning

The next thing I tried out was the steam cleaning bags. I ordered and used the Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags. There are 5 bags in a pack. I have to say that the quick steam bags are probably the most excellent and quickest way to steam clean baby bottles, pacifiers, nipples, and teething accessories, even breast pump accessories! All I had to do was place the baby bottles, nipples, and other items in the bag, add a little bit of water and then place the bag in the microwave for 3 minutes. In the process, the water is heating up, causing the steam in the bag. The steam kills the germs, bacteria, virus, and anything yucky that is on the items. After steaming, cautiously pour the hot water out of the bag through the opening sprout portion of the bag. Then carefully open the bag to remove the steam, and remove the items from the bag. The bag can be used up to 20 times! There’s a counting chart on the back of the bag that I use to mark and keep track of the number of times the steam bag was used before discarding the bag.

Drying Rack

I also ordered and tried out (and LOVED IT) the bottle and nipple dryer, called the Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack. The rack is antibacterial and prevents any kind of cross-contamination. Perfect for drying out baby bottles, nipples, spoons, bowls, teething toys, you name it. It’s super easy to use and gives you plenty of storage for your items.

The bottom part of the rack can be removed to clean and remove any remaining water residue. The rack itself is green and resembles a mini grass lawn, which is aesthetically pleasing to look at. This neat and nifty tool is part of my everyday cleaning routine. Check out some of the various of Drying Racks categories available at our shop.

Wipes on the Go

Last but not least, I wanted to do a review on an item that is good for on the go, or even for home. The Medela Quick Clean Breast Pump and Accessory Wipes are perfect for wiping any pump accessories, bottles, and nipples on the go! It is great to use for when at work (because some of us working moms have to pump at work), at the park, in the mall, at the market, and so forth. But it doesn’t stop there! The wipes can be used to clean hard surfaces such as the changing table, the high chair or even cleaning baby’s toys. The wipes are a great substitute for us moms (and dads) if there is no access to soap and water. What I like about the wipe is that the wipe contains no bleach or alcohol and is unscented.

My Daily Cleaning Routine

So here’s make sure to hire a home senior care taker and make my life easier. First, I start off by prepping the things I needed in order to clean the baby’s bottles and things. Next, I’ll fill the sink up with hot soapy water using the Palmolive dishwashing detergent. I will then let the bottles, nipples, and other baby items soak in the hot soapy water.

During this process, I use the Munchkin sponge brush to clean the bottles, nipples, and other items. When done, I’ll rinse off the items from soap, then put the items in the Medela Quick Clean Steam Bags. Then I would add just a little bit of water (about 50 ml) into the Medela steam bags, close the bags and place them in the microwave for 3 minutes. After the steam cleaning process is complete. I’d drain the hot water out of the bags, open the bags up, let the steam escape, and then individually place the bottles, nipples, and other items on the boon lawn countertop to dry. I would place a paper towel on top of the items to keep dust from collecting onto the bottles and nipples. Quick and simple! No more spending hours with hot boiling water and all that mess. I hope this review and research will help all the moms and dads alike in making the cleaning process easier and effective!

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