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Gadgets for experienced and soon to be parents that are actually useful In 2018

Whether you are an expecting parent or your little one has already arrived, you will be wanting to do all you can to save time and make the most of your time with your new baby. What better way to do so than by investing in some magical gadgetry, after all, things have moved on a little since you were a child.

You may already have taken some time to research what is out there, but if you were left feeling a little baffled, then have no fear! We have rounded up the top 10 best gadgets for new and current parents, all available on Amazon for you to purchase.

1. Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer

The smaller and more delicate that your little one is, the less likely you will be comfortable using a standard in-ear thermometer when they are feeling under the weather. To make you feel more at ease, and your baby less restless, consider investing in a pacifier thermometer.

The Summer design is as per a standard pacifier but with the added benefit of a digital temperature display for you to review your babies temperature. A large and clear oval display on the front of the pacifier allows you to view your babies temperature, with the added benefit of a sound being emitted once the reading is finished.

Infant Pacifier Thermometer

2. Amazon Security Camera

Many of you reading this may already have invested in a form of security camera way before you even knew your baby was on the way, they tend to be standard practice within households in this day and age. Well, if you already had one before the baby was due, just think of all of the extra reasons why you might need the best that there is out there now.

Your baby is your most precious possession and you will want to ensure their safety at all times. Whether your camera is used for overall security in the event of a break-in, or you just want that added peace of mind to check in on the home and the new babysitter while you’re out for the evening, the Amazon Cloud Cam really is one of the best options on the market in 2018.

As well as offering all the features of a standard security camera, the Amazon Cloud Cam has the ability to integrate with the Alexa home speaker or also be used via an app on your Smartphone, to allow you to check in at home wherever you are to ensure your little ones are safe and sound.

Amazon Cloud Cam


3. Baby Car Mirror

From the moment you leave the hospital with your newborn, you will want to ensure their complete safety and well-being. One thing that has been advised by professionals in recent years, is that your baby is rear-facing in their car seat while you travel with them. Now, this is great for safety while in motion but may have you a little uneasy as you can’t have your little one in clear site while you are driving.

Introducing the baby backseat mirror, which has been designed for precisely that reason. The mirror can be placed on your backseat in such a way that your babies reflection can be seen in your rear-view mirror, without you having to twist and turn and compromise on safety. Easily mountable and made from hard-wearing materials, this mirror should feature high on your list of baby gadgets for 2018.

Baby Backseat Mirror


4. Famidoc Bath Thermometer

Bath times are always great fun, with lots of laughter and splashing around. However, the fun can be taken out of this quickly if the water temperature is not correct for your newborn. Too hot can have dangerous consequences for your baby, with too cold also not ideal and knocking the fun out of things.

Nowadays, there will be no need to check the water temperature with your hands. Step into the future with a digital bath thermometer. This handy little gadget allows you to test the water temperature without either you or baby having to brave it first. Not only will the thermometer give you an accurate reading on a digital display but it also comes in super fun stingray design so it can double as a bathtime toy.

Floating Toy Bath Thermometer

5. Teething Gadgets

Once the teething stage hits for your baby, you’ll definitely know it about it. Your little one will be grabbing everything under the sun and gnawing away at it. On the all-time list of babies favorite things to chew, the TV remote control! This, however, is 2018. What if you could offer your baby their very own remote control toy to chew away at to their heart’s content?

Giving you the VTech Click and Count Remote. This handy little toy is made of complete child-friendly and durable material, and as well as being same for them to sink their little teeth into, this also doubles as an interactive toy. Pressing the button, will bring alive over 40 different sounds and songs as well as getting your baby introduced to a number of colors and shapes.

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6. Pure Enrichment Humidifier

Humidifiers are an extremely useful gadget to consider when thinking of your newborn. If used correctly, they act to keep the air pure and safe in your babies room, and will go a long way to providing many health benefits to both you and your child.

The Pure Enrichment cool mist humidifier is one of the top picks of 2018 on Amazon for a number of reasons. As well as providing up to 16 hours of use at any one time, this model has a varied range of settings to ensure you are able to use correctly, whatever your home environment. With the added bonus of doubling up as a nightlight, this Pure Enrichment model also has safety at heart with an automatic shut off feature when the water level gets too low to prevent overheating.

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


7. Nail Clippers

It’s a pretty sure bet to guess that baby mittens featured high on the gifts received when your baby was born. As much as these mittens are cute and come in great designs, babies often hate them, throw them off and spend all night scratching their faces with their razor sharp nails.

Bring on the Safety First baby nail clippers. We all know that the main reason we stick those mittens on is that we are too scared to attempt to cut our babies tiny little nails. With the Safety First clippers, all of your fears can be put aside. As well as featuring carefully curved edges, they also have a fabulous light built in at the end to ensure you have a clear view of those little nails for pinpoint accuracy. These are comfy to hold and also have a long battery life, as let’s face it, who wants to waste time searching for fresh batteries when you have a little one to tend to!

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8. Baby Food Maker

Once your baby reaches the weaning stages you may be interested to see what options are out there for you are far and food preparation choices. While some of you may be extremely busy parents who opt for the jarred baby food choice, there will be many of you who want the benefits of being able to prepare your own babies food so you have control over exactly which nutrients and goodness they are taking in.

Food preparation can be a time-consuming task, but this is 2018, so why not invest in this great Babycook gadget that takes the time out of baby food making. The MLITER machine is an all in one device, allowing steam cooking, blending, chopping, sterilizing and warming to take place all within this handy unit. This gadget allows you to work with meat, vegetables, and fruit to name a few things. It will also come in handy for an extended period of time due to the 3 different sizes of steaming baskets available.

Babycook MLITER Baby Food Maker


9. Lullaby Machine and Projector

You have 2 choices, you can sing your newborn to sleep or you can purchase one of the top baby gadgets of 2018 and have that play some tuneful lullabies to your little one. Perhaps you are tired from work, or perhaps you just don’t have the best singing voice and want to keep your neighbors happy. Either way, read on for details on one of the best lullaby machines available on Amazon right now.

The myBaby SoundSpa Lullaby and Projector machine enable you to choose from a wide variety of relaxing sounds for your baby to fall asleep from. You might like to pick the sounds of the ocean or perhaps a thunderstorm, it really is up to you. As well as the sound elements, the device will be provided complete with discs to allow you to project inspiring scenes onto your babies wall to keep them engaged and interested.

MyBaby Sound Spa


10. Sound Canceling Headphones

Just because your baby has arrived it shouldn’t mean that you have to miss out on the things you love or that you may have previously planned. Whether you love heading to outdoor sports events, or perhaps you enjoy live music, don’t let the loud noises prevent you from taking your baby with you. These types of events can be extremely useful and stimulating experiences for your baby so why not invest in some baby noise canceling headphones for your little one to wear.

The My Happy Tot hearing protection earmuffs come in a super comfy design, available in blue or pink, and they are suitable for use up to 12 years old, making them a wise investment. They have been extensively tested and drastically reduce your babies or child’s chance of long-term ear damage.

My Happy Tot Hearing Protection Ear Muffs



Whether you are looking to invest in a wide range of gadgets or were looking for something in particular, we hope these 10 gadgets give you something to think about. All are extremely useful, and something our parents could have only dreamed of in our childhoods. So step into 2018 in style with this great range of products which will save you time and actually be of use for those early years.

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