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11 Ways Amazon Can Help New And Existing Parents

Whether you are expecting a child or your bundle of joy has already arrived, no doubt you will be extremely busy trying to arrange all of the necessities to make sure things run smoothly from day to day. It may be a hassle trying to obtain all sorts of products for your little one. Doing so could take precious time away from preparing for your baby’s arrival or even spending time with them. However, gone are the days of having to visit different stores for all of your needs. Amazon now offers a variety of services online that will take much of the stress away when gathering everything your baby needs. Read on to discover 11 services that Amazon has to offer that should lighten the load.

1- Super Fast Delivery with Prime Now

When it comes to any Amazon service, Prime Now should really feature high on your list of priorities. Prime Now is part of the Prime subscription and allows super fast delivery of thousands of products straight to your door.  

When you sign up for the Prime Now service, you will be able to browse products via the Prime Now app and add them to your cart for delivery. The one thing to bear in mind here is that Prime Now currently only operates and delivers within certain cities, so be sure to check your location if you want your delivery within a 1 or 2-hour slot. If your city is yet to be listed, then have no fear. Your items can still be delivered next day ready for you and baby.

Prime Now has a huge range of baby-related products available for you to browse and purchase. Everybody knows that babies go through tons of diapers daily, so this is the perfect product to purchase via Prime Now. Whether you are buying in bulk to be prepared or you have been caught short and are running out fast, Prime now will have you covered. Baby food and powdered formula milk are other items that can be purchased in advance. However,  bear in mind items that if you need a specific product quickly, such as teething gel or ointments, Prime Now is perfect for this with their fast delivery times.

Don’t forget about you, the parents! You will find yourself constantly short of time once your baby arrives so you may find it useful to purchase your general groceries via this service to save that trip to the store in person.


2 – Take advantage of the Subscription that will help you save on diapers, wipes, and so much more!

If you have signed up for Amazon Prime, then Amazon is offering a really great discount on their subscription services if you proceed to sign up for their Amazon Family package.

Parents will be pleased to know that in signing up for the Family service, they can receive a very generous discount up to 20% on a selected range of diapers, various baby foods, and other essentials such as supplements, vitamins and healthy snacks.

After adding a few items in your cart, you may notice that there’s a way to obtain discounts on your products through a product subscription. For example, to get discounts on at least 5 products, you will need to have subscribed to 5 or more different baby products, have them delivered to the same address and use the same recurring delivery schedule in order to qualify for your discount.

Bringing up babies involves a lot of expenses. You will find that discounted products will be useful as well as helping you save money. You will also get a great newsletter with lots of helpful hints and tips.

3- Unlimited photo storage

From the minute your new baby arrives you are going to want to get out your camera or smartphone. It’s natural to want to capture every minute to cherish in the future. Who doesn’t love looking back over photos and reliving the moment!

Prime Photos is an online photo storage service, offered by Amazon, and is a real contender when it comes to all of your photo storage needs.

Simply by being an Amazon customer, you will receive 5GB of free storage, but sign up to Prime and you have the huge benefit of unlimited storage, which in this day and age is perfect as everything we do is now online.

With Prime Photos, you can store, view and backup your photos all in one place. With the added ability to download apps onto a number of well-known devices such as iOS and Android, it really couldn’t be easier to manage your photo needs.

You can rest assured that your Prime Photo subscription will be backed by Amazon’s top notch customer service, with 24/7 support should you need assistance and excellent security to ensure your images are as safe and secure as possible.

So what’s stopping you? Snap away!

4- Grocery shopping with AmazonFresh

Leisurely strolls around your favorite grocery store, will, or may already be a thing of the past with your baby around. You will have precious little time to browse and take a proper look and find what you need in stores. But what if you could do all of this from the comfort of your sofa?

AmazonFresh is a subscription service offered by Amazon that allows you to carry out your grocery shopping online in the comfort of your own home, or work, or wherever you choose that fits in with yours and your baby’s schedule.

With a really wide range of products available to you, you can really do full shopping online with meats, dairy, fresh fruits, and vegetables as well as all of those household essentials such a wipes and cleaning products to help with your baby care.

As with Prime Now, AmazonFresh currently only operates from selected areas. If you are lucky enough to be in an operating zone, then you will benefit from the same day or next day delivery.

One of the perks includes limited offers from local stores available to you online, so you don’t have to miss out on all of your favorites just because you or your baby need a nap.

Click here to start your free trial today.

5- Prime Video

Prime Video is an on-demand, online, video service offered by Amazon. The great news is this service is at no additional cost to your membership if you are already a Prime customer.

A wide range of titles are available for you to select from and all can be viewed on a number of devices, ranging from iOS and Android, tablets, smart TV’s and more.

So, you may be asking why this might be useful for a new or expecting parent. For all of you expecting parents out there, some of you may be worried about various aspects of parenting, or just want some further information.

The good news is that Prime Video offers a number of documentaries around parenting that you may find useful. You can watch in your own time and at your own pace and take away many useful pieces of advice.

For those of you who are new parents, there will be times when your baby falls asleep right in your lap. This may be the perfect opportunity for you to watch your favorite series of film on Prime Video. Just pop on Prime Video for all of your viewing needs.

6- Prime Music

Amazon is at it again, adding yet another perk to the Prime subscriptions. Prime Music allows Prime members access to over 2 million songs, on demand and advert free.

Songs can be searched for by artist, genre, songs, or you may want to opt for one of the many pre-prepared playlists that Prime Music has put together for you. Whatever your mood there is something for everybody.

Research has shown that playing music while pregnant has a calming effect on your growing little one. Therefore, it is a wonderful idea to play something that is soothing and relaxing. After the arrival of your newborn, you may want to opt for a child-friendly bedtime playlist to soothe them off to sleep, or something more playful for the daytime, the options are endless.

As well as being able to play music via an app through the speakers on your phone or tablet, some may wish to purchase a speaker from the Amazon Echo range, allowing you to stream your music throughout the house with excellent sound quality and voice command. If purchasing one of the Echo range of speakers, keep in mind that you may then wish to opt for a paid subscriptions with added benefits which start from a few dollars a month.

7- Amazon Household

With a baby on the way, parents will need to be more connected than ever in order to ensure everything is taken care of. Both parents will be much busier than previously and being able to pool resources is always a perfect way to stay on top of things.

Amazon Household is a great service offered by Amazon, that allows 2 adults to join forces and link their Amazon accounts to share things like photos, videos and benefits. Perhaps both parents would like to contribute towards the taking and managing of photos, or if one of you has signed up to Prime Now but you would both like to access and use the service at no extra cost, Amazon Household to the rescue.

As well as helping you work together to assist with your new baby, you may also find it useful to know that up to 4 teenagers accounts can also be added to the Amazon Household, so for those of you with older children, you can also keep them in check and included.


8- Prime Reading

Prime Reading is the perfect Amazon Prime benefit for you if you are constantly striving information as a new parent. We all have friends and family that think they know best and want to dish out all sorts of advice, but if you want great parenting resources to read over yourself, as well as thousands of other top books, magazines and other resources, then all of this reading comes free as an Amazon Prime member.

Titles are available to view on all major devices, as well as Amazon’s own Kindle range, and some titles are also available with audible narration so you can listen in on the go.

With many fun children’s books and comics available too, Prime Reading will prove to be a great source of stimulation for your little one. They can use their imagination to the fullest through listening and reading books.

9- Amazon Dash Button

Imagine the scenario, it’s 2 am and your baby woke up for a diaper change, you carry out the change but realize you only have a couple of diapers left. You know you need to order some more and fast, but trudging through a load of products online to find what you need in the middle of the night is not ideal for anybody who is that sleep deprived.

This where the Amazon Dash Button could come to your rescue. These handy little buttons are available online for those signed up to use Amazon’s Prime services. Thousands of buttons are available which will cover all of your favorite products. All you have to do is log in to your Prime account to pin the dash buttons of your choice to as shortcuts on your homepage, and use the dash buttons as many as you like free of charge.

A click of the white dash button, it will order your product for you, and delivered at your door in no time at all. For things you order frequently, Amazon will kindly add a button to your homepage automatically, with the option to remove them at your convenience.

No more browsing through web pages full of diapers and baby food to find your preferred brand, the Dash Button has you covered.

10- Prime Pantry

PrimePantry is a grocery service available to Prime members whereby they can search for everyday essentials, such as cereal or baby snacks, and purchase in various pack sizes. Many of the groceries offered by the other Amazon services come in multipack options which may be way more than what you need, PrimePantry allows quick online ordering of just the right amount for you saving on costs.

With cost in mind, it may be useful to know that PrimePantry brings customers new deals on a weekly basis on many household named products. You will also find coupons and savings from time to time which all come in handy when you are budgeting for you and your baby.

11- Amazon Fashion

Amazon fashion is Amazon’s clothing provide a wide range of fashion for every member of the family.

At the start of your baby journey, you are going to need maternity clothing to make sure you are comfortable during all seasons. Maternity clothing from stores can be expensive, but Amazon offers everything at affordable prices, with delivery straight to your door.

Perhaps you would like to shop for your growing baby. Many of your friends and family may buy gifts for when your baby is at a newborn to toddler stage. However, your baby will grow out of their clothing rather quickly and will need more new clothes. Whether it’s stapled items, or something a little more special for a trip out, your baby will always be in the latest fashion trends when purchased via Amazon Fashion.

Final Thoughts

Rather than driving everywhere and anywhere to obtain items and necessities for your little ones (and yourself), just know that Amazon will provide just about everything you need. There is no need to go out and drive to different stores to purchase clothing and food when you can cover all of your baby needs from one place, right in the comfort of your own home. There are so many elements and options to choose from what Amazon has to offer, but one thing is for sure, signing up to the general Prime service is a must to make use of some of the other benefits mentioned earlier.

Amazon is already a household name, but they have taken huge leaps and bounds to go further and try to assist new and expecting parents wherever necessary with their growing range of innovative services.

If you are looking for something to help ease the stress before and after the arrival of your baby, please take advantage of the tips provided about Amazon, and give yourself that little extra time for some much-needed rest. You know that you will need it!


So get started by checking out the free trial link or give it as a gift membership to a new or existing parent that could greatly benefit them.

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What are the benefits, as a parent?

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