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10 Fantastic and Funny Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Expecting

Upon getting confirmation of a positive pregnancy test, it is a great and a huge deal when finding out you’re pregnant with a surprise or planned baby! However, what can be more fun than sharing that special news with your significant other? Of course, when telling your partner the great news, it will deliver plenty of excitement and joy for both parents. But what are some of the most creative ways to share the news? Especially funny news if you want your announcement to have quite a bit of sense of humor? There are several best and creative ways from other moms to go about how to announce that you’re expecting to your significant other and to family and friends!

1. In the Palm of His Hands.

A fun, creative way to tell your partner that you’re pregnant is by placing a small item such as a pea, a sesame seed, a lima bean or a sunflower seed into your partner’s hand. Then proceed to say “Want to know what’s so awesome? This is how tiny your baby is right now”… Metaphorically speaking. Your partner will become confused at first but will be filled with joy afterward!

2. Something Sweet…. And edible!

Make a sweet and savory announcement by baking about a dozen (12) sugar cookies or even chocolate chip cookies, and using pink and blue writing gels, spell out the words “I’M PREGNANT !! Put each letter on each cookie and ending with exclamation marks. Guaranteed your partner will love the announcement and the tasty dessert! Another sweet dessert is to bake some cinnamon buns in the oven. After baking the buns, place one cinnamon bun on the cookie sheet, place it in the oven, and write on a sheet of paper, “Surprise!”. Tape the paper on the oven door. Have your partner look at the oven and the “Surprise!” sign, and see if he can guess that there’s definitely a sweet surprise in the oven! He will go nuts over it!

3. A Book full of Surprises.

Is your significant other a bookworm? Perhaps he enjoys reading during his spare time? Surprise him with a book to read such as The Baby Book For Dads by John Heslin. He will definitely do some required reading after breaking the news to him!

4. Just Because…

Make a “Just because” gift for your significant other. Simply put a pair of pink, blue, or neutral colored booties, a pacifier or binkie, and stuffed baby animal or toy in a gift bag. On a “Just Because or “Thinking of You” card, write on the inside “Surprise! We are pregnant!” Your partner’s heart will melt!

5. A “Kodak Moment”

Capture that special moment by hiring a professional photographer to announce the pregnancy. Instead of having the photographer say “Say Cheese”, the photographer should say “Say we are pregnant”! The photographer will then snap the initial reactions of your partner, which will forever be a “Kodak moment”!

6. Coffee Surprise!

A cool and fun way to announce your pregnancy to your partner is to get a custom-made coffee mug. Purchase a coffee mug that reads “I’m pregnant” on the inside of the mug. Fill it with either coffee or hot cocoa and have a cup for yourself as well. Enjoy the moment and time with each other. When he sees the message at the bottom of the cup he will scream with glee!

7. Pretty in Pink…or Blue!

Purchase both really cute and stylish pink and blue maternity dress that you could wear once you start showing after the end of your first trimester or the beginning of your second trimester. It could be something you could wear for work, on a date or at a social event. Try on the pink dress, and ask your significant other if the pink dress looks big on you. Once he responded, try on the blue dress, then ask, “Do I look pregnant in this dress?” Watch his reaction, he is going to want to hug and kiss you all day!

8. Happy Father’s Day…

If you are expecting and Father’s Day just happened to be around that time, A fun creative way to tell the Father of your soon-to-be Love Bug is to purchase a Father’s day card and sign your name and Baby’s name on the card. Another fun way to surprise your significant other is to give him a gift that he will wear on Father’s day. How about a t-shirt that says “This Guy Is Gonna Be a Daddy!”? He would wear that shirt LOUD AND PROUD! What a perfect way to let your significant other know that he is going to be a Dad for the first time, or second time, or beyond!

9. What’s for Dinner, Baby?

As the saying goes, to win a man’s heart is through his stomach. Why not keep the saying going by making him dinner? Instead of the usual dinner meal, set up a baby theme by putting a blindfold over his eyes, and let him guess what baby food he is tasting. Have him taste, bananas, sweet potatoes, peas, and apples. Then asked if he enjoyed taking those small baby bites. Guaranteed he will get the picture and will be ecstatic to be able to feed baby food to his soon-to-be- little one! If he still doesn’t, try some baby carrots and baby back ribs.

10. Puppy Surprise!

If you have a pet at home, tie the positive test strip to your pet’s collar. The moment your significant other comes home and greet the pet, he will see the positive pregnancy test on the collar and will flip out with joy! Or perhaps have your pet wear a shirt that says “I’m going to be a big brother” or “I’m going to be a big sister”! Your significant other would be confused at first, but then the light bulb will go off once he gets the idea that he will have another addition to the family!

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